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Certificate Program in Advanced Embedded Systems Based on STM32
Work on ARM-based high-performance MCU with high-speed integration and configuration tools that enhance your skills to design and develop Embedded and Automation based applications.

4 Months


100 Hours

Online Content + Live Session



Live Sessions

By Industry Experts


Lab Session

Program Highlights

Designed for Professionals and Passouts

100+ Hours of Content

8 + Case Studies

Practical Capstone Project

15+ Mentorship Sessions from Industry Experts

Profile Building Workshops

Placement Assistance

Dedicated Student Success Mentor & Career Mentor for 360 Degree Support

Why Join Us

A proven online professional certification course to dive into the programming of ARM Cortex-M Controllers manufacture by World’s leading semiconductor company STMicroelectronics.

Join our Online Professional Course on STM32 ARM Controllers with in-depth training on peripherals such as GPIO, NVIC, ADC, DMA, I2C, USART, Embedded Graphics, RTOS using HAL Library & exposure to Bus matrix of the ARM cortex M based MCU. By going through the many levels of discussion during live session with industry professionals, the course will assist you in boosting your confidence in handling your MCU peripherals and thereby building a solid foundation in firmware development across ARM based microcontrollers.

We offers systematic and easy to understand video lectures in order to ease self-learning.

Who Should Join The Course?

Students & Professionals who

  • are total beginner to the STM32 controllers
  • would like to enhance his/her career in Embedded System applications
  • would love to program controllers for basic as well as advanced applications

Hex-N-Bit Advantage

Self Paced eLearning Content

Certification course in STM32 contains a highly quality & extremely informative self-paced learning content that will help learner to build in-demand technical skill.

Live Sessions

An interactive live session with highly experience mentors in order to make the core technical concepts crystal clear & addressing any technical doubts.

Labs & Assignments

Competitive assignment which will test your skill & learning

Duration : 1 Assignment per week


A time bound Quiz that will help you to manage the pressure while chasing any deadline for product development

Mini Projects

Some interesting & engaging projects will be assigned to students once in a month where they have to work on real time case study. These projects will be graded by the mentors with some suggestions(if required)

Industry Exposure

STM32 Certificate course allows you to get One-to-One personalized Mentorship from Industry Experts

Industry Live Connect- Mentor Support

Get a personalized mentoring program, including curated study plans, regular check-ins, and unlimited actionable support.

Capstone Projects

Finally , during the last month of their certification course in STM32, candidate will have to work on highly extensive academic project that is undertaken by candidate as a final milestone in the certificate programs. Capstone project will be done under the supervision of industry experts.


Once the candidate submit the capstone project then the candidate would be liable to get the certificate.


  • What is Programming?
  • Types of Programming Languages
  • Resources to Quick Start Programming
  • Programming in C Language
  • C v/s Embedded C Language
  • Basic of Electronics
  • Electronic Components with Features and Application
  • Introduction to Embedded System
  • Microcontrollers and its Elements
  • Microprocessors and its Categories
  • ARM Overview
  • ARM Cortex-M Processors
  • Instruction Set Architecture
  • Data Flow and Register Set
  • Hardware Design
  • Memory Design
  • Getting Familiar with STMicroelectronics
  • Getting Familiar with Target Hardware
  • Tour to ST Tools
  • ST-Link Overview
  • GPIO Overview
  • Input Mode
  • Output Mode
  • GPIO Registers
  • Driver Development
  • GPIO HAL Libraries
  • GPIO Configuration
  • NVIC Overview
  • Nested Interrupt Vector Table
  • GPIO as External Interrupts
  • ADC Introduction and its Terminologies
  • Demystifying the ADC Working
  • ADC Drivers
  • ADC Configuration
  • Various Interrupts Associated with ADC
  • Analog Sensor Interfacing using ADC
  • DMA Overview
  • DMA Requests Mapping
  • DAM Configuration
  • Reading the Data using DMA
  • Overview of USART
  • USART Pins
  • USART Frame Format
  • Baud Rate
  • UART Drivers
  • ST-Link COM Port
  • USART Interrupts
  • I2C Inter Integrated Circuit
  • Frame Format
  • I2C Interrupts
  • Interfacing Multiple ICs using I2C Bus
  • Introduction to Timers
  • Types of Timers
  • Timer as Time Base
  • Timer as Input Capture
  • Timer as Output Compare
  • Timer as PWM
  • Timer as One Pulse
  • Playing with Timers
  • Operating System Overview
  • Application Programming Interface
  • Memory Allocation in RTOS
  • Scheduler
  • Parallel Processing
  • Inter-Task Communication
  • Task and its Components
  • FS Memory Controller
  • Memory Banks
  • SDRAM Configuration
  • On Board SDRAM Interfacing
  • Graphics Overview
  • Concept of Alpha
  • Embedded Graphics
  • Display Modules
  • Display Interface Standard
  • Graphical Libraries
  • LTDC (LCD-TFT Display Controller)
  • Enabling Graphics
  • BSP Libraries
  • Displaying Image
  • USB Overview
  • USB Features
  • USB Connectors
  • USB Configuration
  • Data Transfer Mechanism
  • USB Classes Driver
  • USB as HID
  • USB as CDC
  • USB as MSC
  • USB flash Drive Interfacing
  • Other Application of USB
  • IoT Overview
  • IoT Protocols
  • Wi-FI Modules
  • AT Instructions Set
  • ESP8266 Operating Modes
  • IoT Server Integration
  • LoRa Overview
  • Establishing Connection
  • LoRa IoT Dashboard
  • IoT Application

Hours of Content + Live Session

Case Studies & Projects

Live Sessions


Tools & Libraries

Capstone Project

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Benefits you will take away

  • Expertise on ARM Cortex-M based STM32 microcontrollers.
  • Getting familiar with most frequently used peripherals for product development.
  • STM32 online course is equipped with In-depth video lectures for hands-on sessions.
  • Industrial Guidance from experts via Live interactive session with our advanced embedded system course.
  • Technical training on STM32 with Certification
  • We are official training partner of STMicroelectronics  More Details Visit  :
Certificate Program for professional
with mentor Support and Capstone Projects
  • Duration: 4 Months
  • STM32 training with certification
  • Interactive Live Sessions
  • Project Support
  • Industry mentorship

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