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Hexnbit is an Ed-tech company founded in year 2020 which provides one-stop solutions for the students & working professionals in Industry-connect Skill development courses. The platform not only provides subject expertise to the candidates but also, give them industry exposure to apply their learnings analytically in a practical real-world.

Hex N Bit creates a bridge between Industry & Academia with its unique delivery model involving Academicians, Faculty, Mentors, Industry & Students together on a single platform.

Our focus over the years have grown many folds thanks to the confidence of Universities and Students

Our mission

In order to remove the pain points in the industry, the company’s mission is to groom the candidate for the job, provide proper guidance, to connect them with the best-fit companies and help students & working professionals at every level to ensure a smooth journey.


One of HexnBit’s biggest strengths is strong R&D and the process which guide students in firming up their plans. Each student/professional can interact with other peers, seniors/mentors and even universities/companies in order to make the best decision for their career.

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