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3 Months Internship Program in Advanced Embedded Systems with STM32

Industrial Training program driven by Industry experts via Online & Offline mode. Program is equipped with project-oriented training with live project, assignments & assessments (Offline Training Location – Noida Sector 63)

3 Month proven program to a higher paying career in embedded systems, with deep understanding of ARM Cortex M based STM32 with high-end peripherals.



A proven course to dive into the programming of ARM Cortex-M Controllers manufacture by World’s leading semiconductor companies ST Microelectronics.

Join our Online Internship Course on STM32 ARM Controllers equipped with high end peripherals and easy integration capabilities to learn how to write code for frequently used peripherals and protocols such as GPIO, NVIC, ADC, USART etc.

We offers systematic and easy to understand video lectures in order to ease self-learning.


Who should join the course?

Students & Professionals who

  • are total beginner to the STM32 controllers
  • would like to enhance his/her career in Embedded System applications
  • would love to program controllers for basic as well as advanced applications


  • Basic knowledge of embedded systems.
  • Prior knowledge of controller programming.
  • STM32 based Nucleo Development Board recommended, but not mandatory.
  • Eager to learn the highly advanced ARM controllers programming.

Benefits you will take away

  • Gain understanding of ARM Cortex-M features and applications.
  • Getting familiar with most frequently used peripherals for basic applications.
  • Video lectures for hands on session and typical applications based on that.
  • Guidance for developing the project based learning.

Additional information

Course Mode

Online, Offline

Course Content

Getting started with ARM Cortex-M4 Microcontroller from leading manufacturer of semiconductors ST Microelectronics.


C Programming

* Introduction to C Programming and its Data Types

* Control Flow statements and Loops

*Functions and Pointers

* Arrays, Strings and Structures

Introduction to ST Portfolio and Tools offered

* Overview of ST Microelectronics

* Registration over official website of ST Microelectronics

* Downloading & installing the required Hardware & Software Environment


Getting Started with Embedded System & ARM Architecture

* Introduction to Embedded Systems

* Types and Applications of Embedded Systems

* Getting to know about ARM & Its Architecture profile

* Features of ARM Cortex-M controllers

* Features of Controller manufactured by ST Microelectronics


Getting familiar with Target Hardware & Software Tools

* Introduction to ARM Cortex-M4 based Nucleo development board (by ST)

* Getting familiar with the on-board components

* Detailed overview of STM32 CUBEMX Configuration Tool & STM32CUBE IDE

* Creating first project using the STM32CUBEMX & STM32CUBEIDE


General Purpose Input / Output (GPIO)

* GPIO Overview in STM32F4 Board (Cortex-M4 Core)

* A brief discussion of registers involved in GPIO

* Configuration of GPIO as Output & Input mode

* Working with GPIO to read or write logic to a dedicated pins


Getting familiar with MCU Clocks & On-board Debugger

* Types of clock sources supported

* Introduction to Clock tree and its configuration

* Getting familiar with ST-Link debugger and its applications

* Additional features of ST-Link debugger


Nested Vector Interrupt Controller (NVIC)

* Getting familiar with exceptions handling

* Introduction to Nested Vector Interrupt Controller

* Exploring Interrupt Vector table & Interrupt priorities

* Getting to know software & hardware exceptions

* Working with external interrupts vector to perform desired operations


Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)

* Overview of Analog to Digital Converter

* Basic terminologies and process involved in ADC

* Features of ADC in STM32F4 controllers & Interrupts associated

* Working with external and internal channels of ADC

* Integrating analog sensors like temperature, pressure, accelerations etc.



Direct Memory Access Controller (DMA)

* Overview and needs for DMA Controller

* Data transfer mechanism of DMA

* Streams and Channels for DMA Requests

* Block diagram of DMA for data transfer

* Modes of DMA operations

* DMA implementation with ADC peripheral in STM32F4


Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (USART)

* Overview of Serial Communications

* Difference between Synchronous & Asynchronous modes

* Applications of USART and USART Interrupts

* Pin outs and Hardware flow control signals in USART

* Frame format of USART

* Baud rate calculations using various parameters

* Working with data transmission and reception in STM32F4

* Interfacing Serial devices like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi module with STM32F4


Inter-Integrated Circuits (I2C or I Square C)

* Overview of I2C protocol and its features

* Getting familiar with I2C bus for data and clock

* Master and Slave configuration

* I2C Frame format and its components

* Device addressing modes offered by STM32F4

* Reading and writing data through slave devices

* Repeated start & Clock stretching features of I2C.

* Working with I2C to integrate slave device and read and write data


Timers in STM32F4

* Overview of Timers and its applications

* Different types of timers supported by STM32F4

* Various modes of Timers applications

* Working with Timers to generate programmable delay (Time Base)

* Implementing Timers to generate a programmable waveform (Output Compare)

* Utilizing Timers to measure the input signal (Input Capture)

* Generating waveform of varying pulse width (Pulse Width Modulation)

* Configuration of Timers to integrate range sensor like Ultrasonic

* Configuring Timers for brightness control of LED


Real Time Clock (RTC)

* Overview and application of RTC

* Features of RTC in STM32F4

* Configuration of Calendar and Time using internal RTC

* Generating Alarm event for time management activities


Internet of Things (IoT)

* Overview of IoT and its application in real world

* Various IoT Platforms available for integration

* Protocols used in IoT

* Hardware used in IoT applications

* Working with Wi-Fi module to build internet connectivity to STM32F4

* Integrating IoT platform to host the sensors data over the web

* Working with AWS IoT Core services for Shadow services

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