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6 Months Internship Program in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Become a Machine Learning expert and learn how to build and deploy industry curated projects like Optical Character Recognition, Face Detection and Facial Feature Detection, Object Detection, Object Tracking and many more.


Course Content

  1. Introduction to AI & ML
  2. Introduction to Python
  3. Getting around Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook
  4. Python Basics
    – Data Types
    – Conditional Statements, Loops and Control Statements
    – Functions
    – Lambda Functions and other built-in functions
    – File Handling
  5. NumPy
    NumPy Basics
    – Operations
    – Indexing, Slicing and Copies
  6. Pandas
    – Series
    – DataFrames
    – Fix Missing Data
    – GroupBy
    – Merge
    – Operations
    – File Reading and Writing
  7. Data Visualization Techniques
    – Matplotlib
    – Pandas built-in visualization
    – Seaborn
  8. Machine Learning (Theory and Application)
    – Machine Learning with Python
    – Supervised- Linear Regression
    – Supervised- Logistic Regression
    – Supervised- Decision Tree
    – Supervised- Support Vector Machine
    – Supervised– K-Nearest Neighbours
    – Unsupervised– K-Means Clustering
     Unsupervised– Association Rule Learning and Apriori
  9. Image Processing
    – Drawing Functions
    – Basic Operations
    – Arithmetic Operations, Blending and Transition
    – Colour Spaces, Histograms, and Thresholding
    – Bitwise Operations and Masking
  10. Computer Vision
    Object Tracking
    – Optical Character Recognition
    – Face Detection
    – Facial Feature Detection
    – Car Detection and Tracking
  11. Projects

Course Mode

  • Instructor-led Online Live Session
  • 6 Month Duration

Course Pre-Requisite

  • Candidate must have Laptop or System with good WiFi connectivity
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