6 Weeks Internship in Web Development

Industrial Summer Training program driven by Industry experts via Online & Offline mode. Program is equipped with project-oriented training with live project, assignments & assessments (Offline Training Location – Noida Sector 63)

Become a Web Development expert. Learn how to build, design and deploy your own website using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Database and many more.


Are you interested in becoming a front-end web developer and want to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap? If so, you’ll love the “Complete Front-End Web Development Course”! This course is designed to be beginner-friendly, starting with the basics of HTML and building up to creating a Google Chrome extension. Rather than lengthy lectures, the course focuses on coding exercises and projects to ensure you have a solid portfolio of development projects upon completion. With the skills you’ll gain in this course, you’ll be well-prepared to pursue a career in the tech industry.


Course Content

  1. HTML – Structuring the web
    – Basic HTML tags
    -Understanding HTML boilerplate
    – HTML list
    – HTML Image tag
    – Anchor and and links
    – HTML tables
    – HTML Forms
    – HTML styling
    – Div and Section
    – Adding Favicon
    – Assignment – Make a basic HTML website
  2. CSS – Styling the web
    – Inline vs internal vs external CSS
    – Anatomy of CSS
    – CSS selectors
    – Class and id selector
    – Pseudo class and pseudo elements
    – Borders, Margin, and Padding
    – CSS Box model
    – CSS overflow
    – Font Awesome and Google icons
    – CSS display properties Block, Inline, Inline-Block, and     none
    – CSS positioning Static, Relative, and Absolute
    – Font Embedding
    – Navbar
    – Dropdown
    – CSS animation
    – Assignment – Blog website using HTML/CSS
  3. Website deployment – Make your Website live
    – Version Control System
    – Working directory, staging area, repository
    – Introduction to Git Add, Commit, branches
    – Pull, Push, Update, and Rename operations
    – Managing branches and merge operation
    – Website deployment on Github pages
  4. Art of Web Designing
    – Prepare your website prototype – Wireframing vs –  Mockup
    – Choose a right colour palette – Colour Theory
    – Choose a correct font and layout
    – Built a visual hierarchy
    – User interface (UI) and User experience (UX) design
    – Build a Mockup using Canva and deploy
  5. Bootstrap – 4
    – Introduction to bootstrap
    – Bootstrap buttons
    – Bootstrap Navbar
    – Bootstrap Container
    – Bootstrap Grid layout
    – Bootstrap Forms
    – Bootstrap Progress bar
    – Bootstrap Dropdown and Spinners
    – Bootstrap Carousel
    – Bootstrap Card
    – Bootstrap Toast message
    – Bootstrap Z-index and Stacking
    – Bootstrap media query breakpoint
  6. JavaScript — Dynamic client-side scripting
    – Introduction to JavaScript
    – Data types and variables
    – String concatenation, indexing and slicing
    – Math operations
    – Functions in JavaScript
    – Conditional statements
    – Arrays
    – While and For loops
    – Introduction to Document Object Model (DOM)
    – HTML with JavaScript
    – Styling With JavaScript
    – Attributes and text manipulation using JavaScript
    – JavaScript event listeners
    – Higher order functions
    – Object and methods
    – Keypress event listener
    – Callback function
    – Animations
    – Basics of JQuery
  7. Database
    – Basics of DB-
    – SQL Data Types
    – SQL CRUD query
    – SQL Update Data
    – SQL Drop Table
    – SQL Constraints
    – SQL Not Null
    – SQL Unique
    – SQL Primary Key
    – SQL Foreign Key
    – SQL Index
    – SQL Auto Increment
    – SQL Dates

Additional information

Course Type

Online, Offline

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