Free Online Python Course

Learn Industry standard key concepts in Python Programming, become a Python Expert. Learning Python opens up a wide range of opportunities in the field of Data Analysis, AI&ML, Web Designing, etc.


This course is designed with an emphasis on teaching you the Fundamentals of High Level Programming Language in order to write simple & Advance Programs using Python. It will provide you an exposure to the field of Python Programming & GUI Designing.
Top Skills You Will Learn

Fundamentals of Python Programming, GUI Designing.

Job Opportunities

Software Developer, Python Developer, GUI Designer,etc.

Who Is This Program For?
Engineers, Software and IT Professionals, Data Professionals

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of Python Programming
    • Introduction to Python
    • Installing & Getting Started with IDE
    • Data Types
      • Python Numbers
      • Strings
      • Lists
      • Dictionaries
      • Tuples
      • Sets
    • Operators
    • Decision & Flow Control Statements
      • If..Else Statements
      • Elif Statements
      • Loops
    • Functions
    • Special Functions
  • GUI Designing Using Tkinter
    • Introduction to GUI Designing
    • Importance of GUI Designing
    • Applications of GUI Designing
    • Introduction to Tkinter
    • Tkinter-Process to create GUI
    • Tkinter Widgets
  • Project Highlights
    • GUI based Rock, Paper, Scissors Game
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