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Online Internship PCB Design

Become a PCB Designer. Every device however small or big has the most basic building element to put all electronics components together in the form of PCB. Learn PCB designing from experts


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  • Basic Idea of Electronic circuit
  • PC or Laptop
  • Consistency in learning


Course Description: 


What is a PCB Design?
It is a way of transforming your raw electronic circuit to a Physical form in real world. Every device however small or big, has the most basic building element to put all electronics components together in the form of PCB.
PCB design constitutes several processes such as component selection, footprint design, schematic development, layout design, artwork files etc.
In this course, the user will through each process and will have a clear insight of those stages. They get a chance to interact with our industry experts and can have the industry point of view.
In addition, multiple live sessions, Quizzes, & assignments will help you to upgrade your technical skills



What you will learn:


·         Custom component design

·         Schematic Development

·         Bill of Material customization & Management

·         Board Layout Design

·         Review and Debugging of layout

Who should register for this course?


Engineers & Engineering students

Software and IT Professionals,

Data Professionals,

Those who are willing to go in PCB design Domain,

Hobbyist & Freelancers






Course Content



Board manufacturing process from board designing to the finished board.



All about Circuit Elements/Components


  • Through Hole & SMD components
  • Component Libraries management
  • Creating custom symbol, footprint, & device.



Schematic design & Bill of Material


·         Schematic editor tools – Move, Group, Delete, Rotate, Layers, Change

·         Adding part to schematic

·         Nets, name, values

·         Frames and title block

·         Schematic design of a sample circuit

·         Net classes

·         Electric Rule checks

·         Exporting Bill of material and searching components online



Board layout design


·         Creating Board Layout file

·         Layout editor tools

·         Various layers

·         Routing vs. Auto Routing

·         Track width calculator

·         Polygon/Vias & holes/Adding text & Images

·         Layout design of a sample circuit.

·         Design Rule checks

·         Setting up design constraints



Exporting Gerber files & reviewing them


·         Adding Fabrication Notes to your design

·         CAM processor & CAM Jobs

·         Gerber files – Copper, Silkscreen, Solder mask, Fabrication notes, NC Drills etc.

·         Reviewing Gerber Files in 2D & 3D

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