TechGraph – In conversation with Abhishek Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO of Hex N Bit 

Abhishek Gupta Co-founder of Hex N Bit, in an interview with TechGraph said, “Since the outbreak, Hex N Bit have had 60000+ subscriptions in various programs.”

Here is complete interview:

TechGraph: Explain about Hex N Bit and its business model? What Inspired you to establish Hex N Bit? 

Abhishek Gupta: HexNBit is an Ed-tech company founded in April 2020 that provides one-stop solutions for the students and professionals in Industry-connect Skill development programs.

The platform not only provides subject expertise to the candidates but also gives them industry exposure to apply their learnings analytically in the real-world. The company aims to bridge the gap between academics & Industry by providing them with practical knowledge & critical skills under one umbrella

Our Idea behind Hex N Bit:

In the recruitment process, any interviewer makes a considerable effort in terms of time & money to hire the interviewee and the majority of the CVs have to be turned down due to lack of the required industry skill set. In many cases, candidates have the skill set but that’s not relevant to the industry so here comes the role of Hex N Bit.

We provide & run industry connected skill development programs which not only make them skilled but highlight their Multi-Tasking skill as well as improvise their soft skill so that each candidate can be Industry-ready.

TechGraph: What are the benefits provided by Hex N Bit to the students, and professionals that differentiate the company from other players in the market?

Abhishek Gupta: Hex n Bit focuses on In-demand technologies by Industry. The programs are based on the work done by the Industry & unlike others, the course structure is paced by highly skilled experienced mentors. There are weekly assignments, quiz, mini project, capstone project which make the candidate feel connected through the course duration.

TechGraph: Explain the importance of industry-connect skills development courses? What is the need to learn new skills in today’s era to bridge the barrier of Unemployment?

Abhishek Gupta: According to the World Bank, India has the third-largest higher education system in the world, after the US and China, and there are thousands of Engineering Universities in India with millions of candidates completing their graduation every year but the employability ratio is very less.

The reason is the quality education & less Industry exposure given to students which resulted in degradation of employability ratio. Nowadays, It’s really important to have an industry-connected element in a student’s career as it widens their perspective to work in an organization.

Every undergraduate or postgraduate or even working professionals, for their career growth, must do some research about what is exactly required by the industry because Industry works in different terms which are not taught to us during our higher studies tenure.

So, there must be some mechanism that should help the aspirants to overcome these obstacles. Hence, comes the role of Industry connect skill development courses which will help the candidates to become Industry ready while they are pursuing their higher study in parallel.

These programs provide a platform to the students to upskill themselves, and to reduce the gap between academia, and industry so that their skills are in sync with the requirements from the industry.

TechGraph: How does upskilling act as a competitive advantage for any candidate and firm? How do you ensure that each applicant enrolling under different programs receives customized learning?

Abhishek Gupta: As the world is lifting themselves from economic crisis due to COVID-19, there will be a huge demand for a skilled workforce to uplift the revenue, so if the candidate becomes problem solver during their Industry connect skill development programs then any Industry will be willing to welcome them on board. Hence, upskilling will help to empower students’ & firms’ success. With the diverse and subject expertise team, Hex N Bit provides mentorship to the candidates for their respective programs. 

TechGraph: How many subscriptions have Hex N Bit seen since the outbreak of the pandemic?

Abhishek Gupta: Since the outbreak, we have had 60000+ subscriptions in various programs with all positive responses, and this is just because of our post-sales services, and the efforts put in by the entire team to create Industry – relevant content and competitive assignment.

TechGraph: Where do you visualize HexNBit in the next 5 years? Which areas is HexNBit concentrating on for future collaboration?

Abhishek Gupta: HexnBit’s vision is to educate the world by connecting the citizens of the world with the best learning opportunity. HexNBit platform will be equipped with many more courses in both the fields i.e., technical & non-technical like Law, Finance (CA, CS, B.Com. etc.), Digital Marketing, Sales & other key sectors.

Additionally, any industry can approach the company with their requirement to pick candidates of some specific field & they can also let us know their requirements so that we can make our candidates ready for Industry.

The company will also be working on the profile management tool. Most of the industry would like to see the real-time work completed by the candidate so they will maintain an authentic repository of the candidate which can be reviewed by any Industry. We are also planning to offer Hex N Bit services in regional languages too.

Source : TechGraph

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