Tips for undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to advance their career: All you need to know

There are certain ways in which undergraduate and postgraduate students could easily upgrade their career options via the development of skills, and they could be.

In the last decade, there is an exponential growth in technology. Each sector be it defense, agriculture, medical, cybersecurity, finance, management and others have witnessed the necessary acceptance of the emerging technology for the betterment.

Considering the acceptance of technological advancement in various industries; has led to a fast change in the curriculum of graduates and post-graduates. Earlier, the students understood the importance of having an extra skill to serve the industry, therefore underwent skill development courses via a third-party network.

Now, the pandemic and new policies stated under AICTE have even changed the game for universities as they have kept technical courses on priority. With certain changes in the curriculum, colleges and universities are providing the students with courses that are going to help them in placing themselves in the topmost companies. There are certain ways in which undergraduate and postgraduate students could easily upgrade their career options via the development of skills, and they could be.

Choosing the right degree
It is essential to, first, know what type of career options you want to pursue. There are many degrees available, it can be challenging to decide which is right for you. Considering a well-paid career nowadays is one of the major factors which looked upon. Especially if we aim to have a stable financial status in the future.

Determine your career options, as this will help you gain stability. It is important to be aware of the fact that what opportunities will be provided to you on choosing your interest. Consider the thing you love, but be certain of what you want so that you can avoid shifting from one course to another.
Academic and career opportunities in today’s world are not narrow and rigid. You can choose between the different paths from your undergraduate courses, skill development courses or pursue a new higher education degree altogether.

Industry connect skill development course
Students around the globe are suggested to stay at the top of their game while applying to any jobs. For this big move, it’s always recommended being upgraded with skills that a particular industry requires.

Therefore, candidates must connect their UG/PG curriculum with Industry connect skill development programs which will help them to be in sync with the latest trend in technology. Also, such programs assist individuals in understanding what they lack and which is that one skill they have to have a mastery on.
Skill development courses introduce higher education students with certain soft skills as well including grooming, improvising communication skills and to name a few. As the trend is moving towards a technical understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing etc. programs; various companies are adopting these emerging technologies to improve the revenue & reduce the operational cost.

Therefore, it could be seen there is good demand from the industry in terms of employment. Hence, candidates must be equipped with trendy Industry relevant skills at the same time.

Using expertise based on centre of excellence (CoE) lab in colleges
The Centre of Excellence Lab is like a premier organization that provides services in a particular area of expertise within a particular industry, be it technology, government or business in accordance with the unique specifications and capabilities of the CoE.

Any organizations CoE will vary according to the business needs and focus as per the business strategy. Therefore, universities/Colleges must initiate to adopt CoE lab which can provide high-end Industrial training to the students.
The knowledge gained via CoE experts under various sessions should be used by the graduate and post-graduate students in increasing their efficacy and management skills under multi fields.

Upskilling is Important for abroad study opportunities
Studying abroad is a dream among various aspirants, but they must understand the latest trends & requirements from the industry. Spending a hefty amount on education but not able to compete with others shouldn’t be the case at the end of the day.

With the cutthroat completion in the market, each industry would like to surpass its rivals by introducing technology like Artificial Intelligence, automation, IoT to provide a better customer experience.

Henceforth, UGs/PGs must spend their time learning new & in-demand skill/s. The upskilling will help consider a candidate by any Industry. It became easier for the industry veterans and stalwarts to distinguish between candidates having skills or not as per the job position.

Education continues to be valuable in today’s society, whether you want to climb the corporate ladder or carve your niche in the business world. Education has now become more advanced and skill-based which is useful for becoming a specialist in various fields and acquiring more knowledge and skill for tasks that require higher-level thinking.

Authored by Abhishek Gupta, CEO & Co-founder, Hex n Bit

Source : India Today

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