Getting Started with Embedded System

embedded systems

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Getting Started with Embedded System

As we know that today electronics is acquiring overall market in multiple field such as Healthcare, Buildings, Offices, Transportation, Automobile, Agriculture, Defence, Space, etc. The equipment’s we see all around based on electronics are combination of hardware & software. The best example that we can relate is Smartphones – Android version available inside is the software and the outer design is basically the hardware.

Similarly Embedded System is the core concept in electronics that allow combining hardware & software together to perform a dedicated task with all applicable inputs within the required time interval. To implement any idea related to automation we need to have a deep understanding of Embedded System and its components.

Where Embedded System is Implemented?

Wherever you can think in your surrounding Embedded System is implemented there for examples – from a basic doorbell to advanced camera surveillance in household, from a digital thermometer to advance heart monitoring system in medical industry, from a remote-controlled toy car to automated electronic vehicle in automation sector and so on.

Why should you learn Embedded System?

As we have discussed now that upcoming future will be controlled by Electronics or Electronic Equipment’s. So, to be a part of that upcoming development we all need to have the core knowledge of Embedded System. Furthermore, with Digital India campaign people are getting lots of job opportunity in Electronics & Automation domain.

We should learn this concept as:

– It is the key concept of any electronic devices.

– It can create wonders that can ease human life.

– It allows developers to turn their ideas into reality.

– A lot of job opportunities are available globally.

How to Learn Embedded System?

In order to learn Embedded System you must first understand the building blocks like what are the components of Embedded System. There are variety of sections to explore such as Power Source, Clock Source, Input/Output, Controlling Unit etc. But the most important part that control the complete system or we can say brain of an Embedded System is either a Microcontroller or a Microprocessor.

So you can start from available resources on YouTube or a particular website designed for giving insight on the specific topic or you can opt for Edtech upskilling platform like Hexnbit which can help you to get started with learning the concept of Embedded System from scratch and also learn how you can create program the brain to accomplish your objectives.

Should an individual must join an Embedded System Certification Course?

An individual can learn these concepts from online resources, tutorials or documentation but most of the time they get so many resources that they can’t decide which one to follow and this leads them to dilemma. However, enrolling with platforms such as Hexnbit EdTech Pvt Ltd. is ideal for a candidate looking to gain the concept of Embedded System and Controller Programming with the guidance of an instructor along with complete self-learning material packed with assessments as well. Furthermore, when it comes to training, the level of programming practice you do is critical.

Who should join the Embedded System Certification Course?

The Embedded System Certificate Programs are for:

– Electronics undergraduates as well as graduates’ students

– Professionals seeking to upgrade themself with in core electronics concept

– Hobbyist who wants to build career in electronics domain.

What is the average salary for an Embedded System Engineers in India and United States?

The average salary for an Embedded System engineer varies according to the job profile. However, it begins at around 5 lakhs per year and increases with practice and experience. Overall Embedded System could be a good bet for students interested in pursuing a career in controller programming. The training gives you enough time to learn about job opportunities in Embedded System Domain.

What are the prospects after completing Hexnbit’s Embedded System Certification Course?

For candidates looking to learn programming the brain of an Embedded System, Embedded System Certification Course is beneficial. The concept and programming skills are widely used in industries for product development for various client as well as design their own internal products. Candidates who receive Embedded System training become highly sought-after resources. There are numerous options for candidates, ranging from hardware testers to software developers.


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